Sunday, June 17, 2007

Started My First BJP Page

Thanks to Marlene Vail (pictured here) who, with her team, put together an awesome Bead and Button Show!

Last night I started my first Beaded Journal Project page. Harder than I thought, but I was at my parent's house working on a tv table with bad lighting. I hope that working in my regular space will make it a bit easier for me. Everyone else's work is so beautiful - just waiting to make some interesting pieces.

I have ideas for about 4 pages. My ideas don't always seem to translate as well as I would like them to to the finished piece. I'm also working on silencing that terrible inner critic.

I mostly do bead weaving with a little stringing on the side. I seem to really have an affinity for anything tubular. I may not be really proficient at the flat version of the stitch, but the tubular version calls me.

I don't plan to post any of my BJP work until September. As soon as I can get another hard drive installed and do some other computer work, I'll have more edited images to post.

Found this quote - this is something for me to practice:

Cease practice based
On intellectual understanding,
Pursuing words and
Following after speech.
Learn the backward
Step that turns
Your light inward
To illuminate within.
Body and mind of themselves
Will drop away
And your original face will be manifest.

- Dogen (1200-1253)

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