Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Excitement Mounts!

Today is the calm before the storm. In some ways it'd be much easier to go to Bead and Button if I didn't live here. Then I wouldn't come home to my regular life and chores that always seem to wait for me. But then I wouldn't have my snuggly bed to sleep in, either.

But I am looking forward to tomorrow's class! Resin with Susan Lenart Kazmer - who I really consider an artist first - we'll see what kind of a teacher she is. I'm so excited about the medium that I don't think I care what kind of teacher she is. I found out that a friend will be attending with me and that there will be other very talented people in the class who I can't wait to meet.

After that is the mosh pit that they call "Meet the Teachers." The most popular teachers are mobbed and it's crowded and noisy, but it is one way to meet people and get a look at what kind of work they do. They also sell kits, which if you couldn't get into a class and can complete a kit, is a good thing.

On Thursday I get to meet another BJP participant! thebadliz will be in Marcia DeCoster's class with me. Now, for that one I'm going to need a patient and good teacher. Some BJP people have told me that she's a good teacher and I hope so. My RAW is not the best, but I love her Bellissimo Beads and can't wait to find another way to make beaded beads.

Then comes the SHOPPING! Shopping begins right after class on Thursday (okay, so I get to cool my heels for an hour.) If you ever come to the show, make sure you take at least one class so you can attend the preview shopping on Thursday for attendees only. Lots of deals and discounts!

Here's to Marlene Vail and her gang at Kalmbach Publishing that put this show together. They do a wonderful job! Each year gets better and better.


SuzyQ said...

Have a great time at the Bead and Button show!!!

Any Smith said...

Thanks, suzyq - I hope to. Good time to meet lots of like-minded people.

Jodie said...

Wow! You're going to have so much FUN!! I'm way to jealous for words! :)

The bad Liz said...

My bad. I was at Friday night's B&B class with Marcia - the "Bellisimo" beaded bead. Isn't Marcia a hoot!!?? I love her stuff and she's a great (and patient) instructor!