Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Playing Hooky

The weather was so nice this afternoon that I came home early from work to have some fun beading on the deck.

This is some of the resin I made in the resin workshop with Susan Lenart Kazmer. The reflections make some of them hard to see and the pieces aren't finished yet, but I already know I've found another media that has grabbed me. Look for some resin in my beaded journal pages.

I worked on my page for a while, but I've discovered that I really don't like silamide. That @#*& thread shredded three times in the stiff stuff that I'm using as a background. It doesn't thread easily, either. I really really like Fireline. Maybe I'll have to try that instead in bead embroidery.


The Lone Beader said...

I love the resin. These pieces would make great cabs to bead around:)

Any Smith said...

Thanks, lone beader - would you recommend gluing them down first or creating a peyote or netted bezel first and then adding them to the page?