Monday, June 11, 2007

All My Giddy Up Has Got Up and Went!

I'm still recovering from Bead and Button. Work today was a shock of real life.

The best thing I found at the show was Aiko beads in dichroic colors. Man were they expensive, but I've never seen them anywhere else! I bought them from Judy Walker, a teacher at the show. I did not see them on the show floor (but I didn't look at every single booth, either.)

I also found the smallest cubes I've ever seen! Jane's Fibers had them in size 14.

Planning to begin the Bead Journal Project this weekend by preparing the fabric. Still haven't settled on a size for the whole thing or a specific idea for June. Can't seem to get moving on it - real life has been getting in the way (dishes, laundry and the animals...)