Sunday, June 10, 2007

It's Over.

Here are some final parting shots of the Show. I'm done. Crispy critter. Overspent.

It was so worth it. I'll do it again next year!

Top image - a booth full of semi-precious gemstones.

Second image - Church of the Intercession. Best in Show for Bead Dreams. Non-wearable piece by Nicole Schlinger of Iowa.

Third image - Engine Co 6. Second place for Non-wearables by the Lone Beader (Diana Grygo of Massachussetts).

Fourth image - American Traveler by Patricia Kraemer of Minnesota.

What creativity and craftsmanship! Congratulations to all! Your efforts inspire others.


The Lone Beader said...

Awwww... thank U for mentioning me. You must've had a wonderful time. I am definitely going to try to go next year. Anyways, I hope you didn't spend all you $$ in one place while you were there! *lol*

Any Smith said...

Your work deserves mentioning! It was wonderful to see it in person.

I used the "Mame" method of buying beads - I spread my money around like it's manure, encouraging things (beads) to grow...

So many booths got some money - some more than others...