Friday, June 8, 2007

Bead and Button Show

Wow. What a whirlwind the past few days has been. Didn't sleep much at all Tuesday night because I had to be downtown at the Midwest Express Center by 7 am to pick up my registration packet. That's early for me these days.

(Picture - Out on a Whim's rainbow display of seed beads. As my sister Brenda would say purrrrrrrrrrrrr...)

Wednesday was the resin class with Susan Lenart Kazmer. An absolute blast and such an explosion of ideas and creativity. Shared my table of chaotic creativity with Brenda Schweder, Julie from New York City, and Pam Brown from Redmond, Washington. The class was everything I expected and more. The medium has so many possibilities open to the beginner and they are not difficult.

Susan was a wonderful teacher. She had a lot of information to share and was an inspiration to all of us. We all had the same directions, but there were so many different projects and ideas going on in that room that it was mind boggling. I'll have pictures of the resin soon.

Wednesday night was the Meet the Teachers Social. This year it was not a mosh pit - there was more room and the tables were spread apart. It was difficult to get near some teacher's tables because they were so popular or they had wonderful kits.

Ann Cook had some handmade polymer clay faces for sale. I'll take a picture of the one I bought in case anyone's interested. They're perfect for dolls.

Laura McCabe's table was mobbed. Couldn't get close, didn't try. So was Sherry Serafini's. Marilyn Moore makes beautiful wire baskets and is a great teacher. Took her twined little jewel basket class last year with my sister. Took me a while to finish the basket, but it sits on my computer table to inspire me.

Picture on the left: The Lone Beader's entry into the Bead Dreams contest: "Waiting for Dad."

I think that's enough for tonight. More pictures and stories later.


Mary Timme said...

I assume you live fairly close by. What a neat place to be right now! Many of us envy you and are thinking of how we can come and stay at your house next year--LOL! It is so much fun to see Diana's piece at the show. She has two of them there.

Today is the sale at the Art Students League here in Denver and I plan to be there at 10 this morning. I'll be sure to stop by Cynthia's booth and buy and hope to see another couple of firends there and their booths as well. Have fun at the show! Like you need help, right?

Any Smith said...

Yes, Mary, I live in town - only a few miles from the show. I assume Diana is the Lone Beader - I have another picture to send her of her second place piece.

I enjoy going to Art Fairs and Sales, so buy something that attracts you and enjoy. I am done with classes, but I'm volunteering today and am going to the show floor with a couple of friends before that.

I'm going tomorrow, too, but I'm already over budget!

Kathy Wagner said...

What a beautiful photo of all the seed beads! I have never seen such a display! I would want to buy one of each!

The Lone Beader said...

Awww... thanks so much for mentioning me, and for showing a photo of my work. U are sweet! And, I am so jealous! I would have totally spent all my $$ at that seed bead booth. *lol*

Any Smith said...

Um, well, I did spend all of my SEED BEAD money at Whimbeads - but there was so much more to see and touch and buy!

Going backagain tomorrow for last chance buying.