Monday, November 26, 2007

Back to Life, Back to Reality

The turkey's been eaten, the leftovers are gone and my aunt left for home today. Thanksgiving is over.

I finally transcribed a pattern for a Santa face to a peyote graph. That wasn't too hard, but it was time-consuming. The next day I began to bead it. Not so easy, for me, at least, to follow someone else's pattern. Of course it was riddled with mistakes and didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. I should have used Delicas or Tohos, but I didn't, so it ended up skewed.

It was a learning experience. I learned that I don't like to follow someone else's pattern and that it takes practice to follow a chart. Been a long time since I've done counted cross-stitch.

Page from Da Vinci's notebook.

Wonder if DaVinci knew that his notebooks would be viewed so many years after his death. Working on an image of the Mona Lisa for the beaded journal paged.

This time I used cloth with a stitched on paper backing. Not as easy to use as Stiff Stuff and I seem to have problems with the needle piercing the paper backing where I want it to. I'm going to finish this one before the end of the month so I'll only be two months behind.

Today's quote comes from Joan Konner: Procrastination gives you something to look forward to.

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