Saturday, January 9, 2010

Procrastination... or why I wait until later

This image looks serene to me, so I thought I'd add it to help me settle down a little bit.

I have always been a procrastinator. It's a hard habit to break. I once bought a book about procrastination and it sat next to my bed, unopened, for years. No lie.

I have before me a large task with a deadline, which makes meeting it a little easier and the reward once done will be well worth the work. I have to move two eight foot bookcases that are crammed full of books, journals and knick-knacks before I get a furniture delivery on Tuesday.

That means not only de-booking the shelves but moving furniture so that the shelves can be moved. So things will look very bad before it looks like I have accomplished anything.

Been very busy lately and have had no time to do much about it but think about it and now the time is here and what am I doing? Writing about it instead of doing it!

Today's quote comes from anonymous: Procrastination is the key to prolonging life. (I like this quote - it was the only positive quote that I found!)


A Day in The Life said...

You must have moved your bookcases by now, huh? How did it go?

Any Smith said...

Yup, bookcases moved, de-booked and rebooked and the living room looks nice now - if you don't look at the stacks of plastic totes along one wall that need sorting...