Sunday, June 6, 2010

Inagottadabeada II 2010

Julie Miller
This was the second Inagottadabeada.  The first one was done in 2008.  We skipped last year and this year we are back!

Each year a ribbon is drawn onto a piece of fabric and cut up into pieces. Each participant is given a piece with some pink beads and given only the instruction that the pink section of the piece must be done with those pink beads.

No one (unless they share) knows what anyone else is doing with their section and I don't know how things are going to turn out until everyone turns their pieces in to me.

Sue Rejman-Zember
What I find interesting is how the participants' pieces differ yet how techniques and colors (besides the pink) are echoed across the pieces.
Brenda Schweder

Ruth Maegli
Julie's piece is dedicated to her friend Kelly.  See how the beads on the edge of the petals are on their sides?

Sue's piece is paisley - notice the beads on their edges outlining the paisley?

Brenda's piece uses a resin Barbie face - if you look closely, you can see hair!  

We all thought that Ruth's piece looked a bit like corn cobs in July.  (She worked on it at a bead retreat so many of us saw it.)  
Any J Smith

Carla Sikorski
My piece began with the frosted white beads in the top section of the X.  I decided to work in monotones. 
Addie Peterson

Carla's and Addie's pieces have kind of the same color scheme (but then they both love blue!) and the same composition.

Susan Duehl

Helen Dahms
Helen's piece - she was clever - underneath the bigger beads at the bottom she added some sort of metal or reflective thing - didn't notice until I was stitching her piece onto the frame.

Susan's piece is stunning.  I asked her after the last Inagottadabead how she had done her piece and she told me that she rips a lot of the beads out until it looks just right.  

After all of that, the piece is certainly more than a sum of it's parts.  Thank you to all the particpants.  Without them it would have lacked the personality that it has.  Here's hoping that it will bring big money in the Bead Social Auction at the Bead and Button Show!

What I don't understand is how blogger works!  I'd like this layout to look a whole lot nicer, but blogger is not communicating well with me!  

Today's quote comes from Vince Lombardi:  Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.

Inagottadabeada II 2010

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