Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pittsburgh, PA

Took a short trip out to Pittsburgh last week. Really, really cool town and I enjoyed it once I figured out how to navigate it's angled streets.

The people there are nice and they don't honk at out of towners. It's a city of neighborhoods, each one with it's own flavor.

It is NOT a smoggy, smelly steely town. Far from it. Lots of interesting architecture and they are celebrating 250 years as a settlement. I've got to go back soon - I didn't even get to the Warhol Museum!

The house on the right is the home of a Chinese dissident who has written poetry all over his house and the one on the left is The Tom Museum which I just found out is closing - should have gone in when I had a chance, darn it all!

Around the block was the Mattress Factory, an installation art gallery that I enjoyed quite a bit.

There were some dinosaurs scattered around town - I liked this mirrored one in PPG Square.

A couple of hours southeast of the city is Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water. It is an amazing home and the terraces must be beautiful when it's not raining.

You're always surrounded by Friends here...
A graveyard in the middle of nowhere, with no road to get to it. It was in the middle of a very large field near the Maryland border.

Today's quote comes from Pittsburgh native Andy Warhol: An artist is someone who produces things that people don't need but that he - for some reason - thinks it would be a good idea to give them.


The Lone Beader said...

I was in PGH last week, too! I went to see my sister, then we went to the Bead International Opening night in Athens, OH! :D

I like PGH a lot. The Andy Warhol museum is my fav. (He is my fav. artist.) but this time I went to the Mattress Factory, too!! My other fav. hangouts there include Kennywood Park, and Primanti Bros. Bar & Grill. And, I took a pic of the Philiposaurus, too! Small world. LOL.:D

Any Smith said...

I wanted to go to see the Bead International show, but knew my companions wouldn't be as thrilled as I'd have been...

Are you coming to Bead and Button this year?