Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunsets on Lake Michigan

Sunsets on Bradford Beach, February 23, 2008. These two photos were taken with my cell phone and no adjustments have been made to these photos.

I love the pinks, oranges and blues. Notice that the surface of the lake is lighter than the pink shade in the sky. How cool is that?

A few moments later the color has changed yet again. Had I known that I'd be able to transfer these photos to my computer, I would have taken more because the light changed very quickly.

Went back to Bradford Beach on the lakefront today at the same time with my digital camera hoping to duplicate the colors. The water was too rough, I think.

Stormy water off Bradford Beach on November 21, 2007. I love the contrast between the stormy blue grey skies and the green water. Also taken with my cell phone and no alterations have been made to this photo.

I figured out how to connect my cell phone to my computer via Bluetooth! (Didn't read any directions - think I saw someone demonstrate it on the Today Show last week.) Once connected, it was easy to upload photos from the phone. That's good to know for future reference!

Today's quote comes from Frank Lloyd Wright: If it keeps up, man will atrophy all his limbs but the push-button finger.


abeadlady said...

Great pics! Isn't technology wonderful. I'm trying to learn something new about the computer every day or so.


Any Smith said...

Thanks for your comments, Arline. It's nice to have company.