Monday, January 21, 2008

Cold Weather Brings Unexpected Benefits!

My sister pointed out these frosty designs on our side window this morning. I have always wanted to capture the fleeting designs of frost and snowflakes.

This one reminds me of a feathery Las Vegas showgirl's head dress.

Feels like my creative funk is a thing of the past. Good.

Today's quote: Frost is the greatest artist in our clime - He paints in nature and describes in rime. - Thomas Hood


Helen Cowans said...

These patterns are reaaly beautiful! I thought they were feathers at first..... Will you use the patternin your art?

Loudlife said...

Ooh! I wish I'd thought to do that this morning! Very cool!


The Lone Beader said...

Beautiful photos! :D

Kiwi Ellen said...

Wow, what a beautiful picture nature has created on your window!

Any Smith said...

I'm keeping my eyes on that window - got more cool frosty designs on it, but didn't have the time to photograph it.

I think I'll be inspired by it in my artwork. I like the photos on their own, too.