Sunday, December 30, 2007

Look at all this Freaking Snow

Near my house.

We had another good snow here on Friday. It was the wet heavy kind that is good for snowmen and snow ball fights, but not so much for shoveling.

A friend and I took a trip to the Kohler Art Museum in Sheboygan yesterday and the snow was still sticking to the trees, making it a beautiful drive. On a hill, one could see for miles and all of the city scenery was white, including the trees. It was an awesome image. I didn't think it would have been prudent to try to take a photograph at 60 mph.

On County C, south of Port Washington.

On the way home, we drove along Lake Michigan for a short while. There we spied about 18 wild turkeys in a field (easy to see against the white) and what may have been a wolf about 100 yards or so south of them. I don't know for sure that it was a wolf, but it was too large to be a coyote (which I have seen from my window at work many times) and didn't really look like a dog.

This was taken in the Lions Den Nature Preserve in Ozaukee County.

The snow hasn't fallen off the trees much, not even today. Underneath the snow is a little ice, making the branches sparkle in the light. The new snow has made the city feel clean again, covering up all the grey dirty frozen snowbanks.


The Lone Beader said...

Oh no!! We're supposed to get snow tonight, but I hope not! :0

Grace said...

Beautiful photos!

Traveller'sfriend said...

Great Photos - I am really ready for snow in England, Yorkshire!