Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Beaded Journal Project

The Beaded Journal Project was the impetus to begin this blog, but I've been thinking about blogging for a long time. My involvment with the Beaded Journal Project began with a post that I stumbled on by accident about a month ago on Robin Atkins' blog. What a perfect way for me to combine two of my favorite things - beads and journaling!

I've signed up to do one beaded journal page per month (size yet to be determined but I'm leaning towards 6" x 6" so I don't have to bead too much) for the next year. I hope it makes me think outside the box and push my limits creatively. I don't intend to use much text, so this won't be a literal journal, rather a series of pieces done once a month.

I've done little bead embroidery, so this will be a new skill for me to develop. I have purchased some fabric and have ideas for the first few months, but will wait until Bead and Button is over to begin. Sometimes the planning is the best part! Now if I can find my iron and where did I put that ironing board when I moved in 5 years ago?

There are a lot of participants on many different skill levels. Lots of posts and lots of examples. This should be fun! Here's the link: http://beadjournalproject.blogspot.com/


beadnik said...

Hi Amy! You've posted some beautiful work. I'm another participant in the BJP, and so looking forward to what the coming year will bring in terms of learning and growth. Oh, I learned how to add links to posts on blogspot blogs... in the toolbar (above the text area) there is a green circle with a text box above it, that's the add a link tool. The trick is to highlight a word, THEN hit the green button and type or cut and paste your link text and the editing window will do the rest...you'll have a nice little hot link in your text.
Hope this helps,

bwheather said...

Hi Any,
Great, so pleased to see you've made a blog. Sarah has given a good description of how to make a link. You'll pick up these skills as you go. Your beadwork pictured is gorgeous. I'm looking forward to whatever else you create for the BJP. ;-)

Any Smith said...

Thanks for your help and thanks for looking (I guess I was concerned that no one would look at all!)

I'll give the linkage hints a try tomorrow - long day today - work and then beading class!

Nancilyn said...

Congratulations on your new blog!
See that you've gotten directions on how to make a link.
Your beaded work is beautiful and I'm so jealous of B&B event -- always wanted to go. Have fun!

The bad Liz said...

So, Amy - are we going to be able to meet at B&B?? I'm taking the train in on Thursday and home on Sunday!!

Congrat's on the blog - it's looking great

Any Smith said...

So you're making the journey to Milwaukee via train from Detroit City? Transferring in Chicago, I bet.

I tell you what. I'll be volunteering at the Loose Bead Society package check in table on Saturday outside the exhibition hall from 3:30 to 6 pm. Stop by, see some of our work (bead embroidered shirts on the wall, I think) and let's meet!

Are you taking any classes or just coming to shop?