Monday, May 28, 2007

Preparing for Bead and Button

Bead and Button is quickly approaching. I'm looking forward to it very much - taking two classes - one on how to use resins from Susan Lenart Kazmer and the other is learning how to make right angle weave beaded beads from Carol DeCoster. I'm lucky - I live in Milwaukee, so I don't have to travel and get a hotel room in order to attend. (That means I can spend more money on beads, right?)

The upper photo is a tubular peyote piece that I made to honor New Orleans after Katrina - it's called Lagniappe. The bottom photo is of a freeform peyote necklace I made in a class that Bethany Barry taught at Bead and Button a couple of years back.

I'm preparing myself for the classes (boning up on my RAW and saving bottle caps and other items to use in resin) as well as the shopping. I've been looking through old magazines for patterns I'd like to try and thinking about future projects. (I won't mention all of the projects that are in progress already...)

The first time I went to the exhibition floor I was awestruck. I don't think I even got through the whole exhibitors floor the first couple of years I went to the show. How can I explain the impact that seeing that much space filled with beads and artists had on me? If you haven't been to the Bead and Button Show, the exhibitor space is where the Milwaukee Auto Show is held. That's a BIG space. You've got to have a plan when you go to the show.

I need to get my head in the right space. It's easy to spend money on things you never intended to buy. Don't I know it. But I'm also prepared to buy beads that I cannot resist.

I'm participating in the Beaded Journal Pages project, so I'll have my eyes open for things to go on journal pages.

seed beads (I'm a bead weaver, so they're always on my list) all sizes and colors
charlottes (all sizes and colors)
drop beads (hard to find colored ones here)
good thread snips (although I could get those at Jo Ann's)
flush cut pliers
Thai silver
pearls (especially coin pearls and black pearls)
labradorite (always on my list)
iolite or tanzanite
nymo for bead embroidery
clasps and other findings


The bad Liz said...

Heck - I should have read further! I'll see you in Marcia Decoster's class.

Aurora said...

wow! you are sooo lucky to live there--I want to attend this but the cost of travel, plus classes, plus accomodations is just too much for me...I have taken a class from Marcia (here in Calif.)--she's a great teacher!

this is a great start on a blog--welcome to blogging!

Any Smith said...

I should have read further, too, Liz! See you in class!Make sure you make some time to see the Calatrava wing of the art museum on the lakefront at the foot of Wisconsin Avenue while you're here. It's beautiful!

Aurora, thanks for the feedback on Marcia and my blog. My right angle weave is not the best, so I hope she'll have patience for me! You'll have to try to save up and come sometime. It's well worth the trip and, no matter what anyone says, Milwaukee is beautiful, especially in June!