Monday, November 23, 2009

Beaded Beads and Art Fairs

My latest project - cornerless cubes designed by Valerie Hector. The cornerless cubes are the red (waiting for the last beads (the hardest to do) to be added), orange and the green one in the upper left. The rest are simple right angle weave 12 beads/bead.

Went to the Madison Contemporary Museum Art Fair this past weekend... and Jo Ann Baumann of the beading world complimented my necklace (that I had made)!!!!! That made my day. Got lots of compliments on it that day.

There was a lot of interesting quality work at the fair. Don't normally go to them because often the fairs are filled with things I can make myself (but don't). But there were a couple of artists that compelled me and I bought a few pieces.

I enjoy supporting artists and come from an artistic family. I was taught by my father and mother to buy art I enjoy and that when you do that, you are supporting an artist.

One thing I never buy or even look at is photography - and with the advent of Photoshop and digital cameras everyone can be a photographer, but not everyone has the photographic eye. I like my photographs and the way I see light. The limitations of my digital camera can be frustrating, but I haven't used my 35mm in years (it's so heavy!) Digital cameras have changed the way everyday life is captured.

I do enjoy taking movie shorts with my digital camera. Now I have to learn how to put them all together to make a movie short. (I know how to do it with real film, now to learn the digital...)

Sunset as I was leaving work last week.

I enjoy watching the colors of the sky change and having the trees silhouetted in the foreground... but I do not like the absence of light in the evening. Just another cycle I have to get used to.

Have a few new projects in the works and gifts to make, so hopefully I'll have something new to post next week.

Today's quote comes from Maria Robinson: Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending. (Or, today is the first day of the rest of your life.)


Anonymous said...

A lot of people would not set their work down with just the one bead left to add - too easy to lose one's place. Impressive.

Any Smith said...

I just didn't have the time to finish and sometimes I think that it's better to walk away and come back fresh instead of getting frustrated.

Thanks for your comment!

Any Smith said...
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