Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A Beautiful Fall Day

I'm nearly done knitting a chemo cap for my friend and want to mail it tomorrow or the day after. I hope it gives her some comfort. I am going to finish that chemo cap today.

The yarn is really soft and is verigated with bright tropical hued tones. I enjoyed making it, although I'm really having trouble with the last little bit... I'll just wing it and it should work out okay. Another learning situation - but not quite sure what I learned yet besides the fact that I like working with double-ended needles instead of two circular needles. (That was a tangled mess!)

My tubular corkscrew peyote piece continues to grow. It needs to be quite long since the ends with twine together in front to make the closure. I suppose it is a lariat of some sort and the first one of those I've made. It only grows 1/2 a bead length in a round which is why it's taking me so long. I love it, though and though most people make jewelry to match their wardrobes, I buy shirts to match the jewelry I've made.

A good friend's husband passed away Sunday night. He was only 58. I consider him a friend as well and I will miss him so much. This is the first person that I consider to be a friend that I've lost. I feel for their son who is only 12.

So, I think tonight I will bead to keep my hands busy.

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