Sunday, July 15, 2007

Just for Me!

I began work on this spiral, intended just for me, a week ago. Finished it yesterday. Tried to make the labradorites sparkle a little, so I took the picture in full sun. I graduated the labradorites so that they would make the necklace a little more interesting than a plain spiral. (I've come to the conclusion that plain spirals bore me.)

My sisters and I get together once every few months and have a beading retreat. Yesterday one sister wire wrappped garnets and amethysts into a chain (each stone it's own unit with a loop on either end) while the other worked on knotting a multistrand necklace of peridot.

After seeing how supple and flexible a knotted necklace is, I want my sister to knot a couple for me - labradorite and black pearls and maybe a couple of strands of sunstone.

Going out of town for a couple of days - have my ideas for July and August's pages in my head, just need to find the time to work on them. While I'm gone, I'm going to make my aunt a woven beaded eyeglass neckpiece. She's been asking for years.

I also am planning a break so that I can explore a new cemetery in Minneapolis. I love to look at old statuary in cemeteries. Lakewood Cemetery in Minneapolis is part of a couple of parks and was designed by the same gentleman that designed Spring Grove in Cincinnati, where some of my ancestors were laid to rest.

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Sapphire Dakini said...

I really enjoy cemetaries also & am a member the of the Association for Gravestone Studies You might want to check them out.

The Lone Beader said...

Great necklace! Also, thanks for posting that Cab Calloway song. Gotta love the Blues Brothers:)

sammy said...

I went thru you blog and am just in awe of your beadwork! Love your use of color and texture!