Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

I have been collecting skull beads for a long time, intending to make a necklace out of them - which I will do someday.  

One of my favorite things (although I haven't done it much lately) is photographing markers in cemeteries.  I find them to be peaceful places.  People used to picnic in cemeteries before there were parks.  Hard to imagine, isn't it?

This marker is from Milwaukee's Forest Home Cemetery - where the Davidsons of Harley Davidson fame were laid to rest (why do we use those phrases?) along with some of Milwaukee's brewers (not the baseball team but the guys who brewed "What Made Milwaukee

Someone loved this person very much - from Chicago's Graceland Cemetery.  It is a great cemetery to visit.  Mr. Fields of Marshall Fields fame is buried there, along with many other great Chicagoans.  Monuments in Graceland are, well, monumental.

When I go on road trips, I often see little cemeteries and wish I had a moment to stop and take photographs which I will - someday.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Today's quote comes from Theodosia Garrison:  At first cock-crow the ghosts must go back to their quiet graves below.

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